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Back round:Madonna was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay city, Michigan. she participated in many school activites such as cheerleader, ballet and piano. after high school she went on to attend the university of Michigan on a dance scolarship. DJ mark played one of madonnas first singles and he liked it alot and it went to warnerbrothers next. 23 yea old Madonna was deserpatly trying to set up her music career while livin gin new york. Her boyfriend at the time was Steve Bray who became the dummer in her up coming band,breakfast club, this band played hard rock music. Once they stopped playing the hard rock they coon got sighned by Gotham Records when the band decided to play funk music the record comany immediatly dropped them. Madonna and Stever decided to leave the bad as well. Madonna started writing her own songs that she carried with her,"everybody",Ain't No big deal" and, "Burning up". she didnt no how to get these songs to the pubilc so she went to a club Dancertria, where she convinced D.J. Mark Kamins, to play the song every body and she got a great response from the crowd!the D.J. decided to get madonna a record deal first he took her to the first record company and they would not sign her Island records then they went to Sire records and they signed her and they payed her 5,000$ in advance to have her and then 10,000$ for each song!Seamore Sine the president of sire, signed madonna for 2 singles after hearing "everybody" at a hospital where he had been admitted. The record ended up being recorded with "everybody" on both sides. "ain't no big deal" which was originally supposed to be on theo other side was released after in october '92 nd became another hit. this sucsess Sire to sign Madonna for a full lenth record and 2 more singles.
  • album released: july 27,1983
  • Band members: Madonna
  • style of music: pop & rock
  • how well did the album sell: certified 5 times as platinum , 5,000,000 million copys in the U.S and 10,000,000 world wide
  • most popular singles: Everybody, Burnin up, Holiday, Borderline.
  • Billboard: Holiday. Luckystar

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Technical details:Madonna used a lot of cutting edge new like the Linndrum,15 drum sound from real drums a sequencers for programming rhythm, Moogbass-,foot petal analog synthesis 13 organ notes and OB-X synthersized , electronic piano other instraments that are used are the elrctronic drum, hand claps and multiple guitars. Madonna did not want any if this in her album and she wanted it to be more of her voic. The sound of her music was very slow but up beat and was very catchy. " In 2008, entertainment weekly, named it as the fifth of "Top 100 Best Albums of Past 25 Years." The album was successful on the charts, reaching number eight on the billboard 200, and the top ten of the charts in Australia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and United Kingdom. It was certified five-times platinum, by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), for shipments of five million copies across the United States. Worldwide, the album has sold ten million copies." in the end madonna did no get her way and the album was altered and her voice was altered and nothing was recorded together she sang in one room and everything else was added in later.

"I thought she had a lot of style, and she crossed over a lot of boundaries because everyone in the rock clubs played her – the black clubs, the gays, the straight – and very few records have that appeal. [...] However, she was unhappy with the whole damn thing, so I went in and sweetened up a lot of music for her, adding some guitars to 'Lucky Star', some voices, some magic. [...] I just wanted to do the best job I could do for her. When we would playback 'Holiday' or 'Lucky Star', you could see that she was overwhelmed by how great it all sounded. You wanted to help her, you know? As much as she could be a bitch, when you were in groove with her, it was very cool, very creative.
—John "Jellybean" Benitez talking about Madonna and the album.[10][11]
Cultural Analysis:The mood of the album was "physical attraction" with this it left 3 big pop songs! and music that you can still listen to today. in the song lucky star madonna was actually the one that started the trends in the music. the younger girls like how she was so out going and she was very narcissistic they started to look up to her. holiday the song was written because the holidays were coming up and she though that everyone should get in the spirt head of time so she relesed it septermber 7th right in time for the holidays and to get everyone celebrating and get along. boderline was about
Songs on this album:

  1. Lucky Star
  2. Borderline
  3. Burning Up
  4. I Know It
  5. Holiday
  6. Think Of Me
  7. Physical Attraction
  8. Everybody